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Revox A-77

[1Jul21] I seek a Revox A77 or B77.

My prefered recording method is to just leave it running while nurdling. An old 2-track would also allow two part nurdling. The Revox home recorders are the classics of their time.

A-77 Manual


[1Jul21] Here are some links


Ant Audio - a manual






The versions of the A77, from muzines, are:

  Main Features Modifications
MARK I (1967-late 1968) Brushed aluminium front panel and shiny top cover. Grey control knobs with clear plastic skirts - legend printed on panel. Grey transport pushbuttons, VU meters only illuminated when in record mode. None
MARK II (late 1968-1971) as Mk.1 Modified tape tension arm (now sprung instead of fixed). Tape guide between tension arm and erase head replaced with roller-bearing version (was fixed).
MARK III (1971-1974) Control knobs as above but front panel now grey. Spool turntables now silver finish. Permanently illuminated VUs. Now available as high speed version. Dolby B available on low speed only. Later MkIII fitted with improved heads giving longer life (recognisable as only one screw used to hold head to baseplate instead of two).
MARK IV (1974-1977) Grey conductive finish on spool turntables (to reduce static) and crackle finish top cover. Control knobs, rotary switches and transport controls now silver finish with scale markings on grey skirt. Apart from cosmetic changes later machines had quieter tape counter and capstan motor drive circuit using ICs instead of discrete components, giving greater varispeed variation (±80% instead of ±7%).