E. J. Walsingham




Most of my spare time these days is spent taking photographs. Until recently that was the Green Ted series, but now it is working on a degree.

In addition to these, I occasionally get ideas for new series of photographs and I will record those here. Today at the V&A to research Ilse Bing, I photographed a few people drawing sculptures. That sounds like a series worth pursuing.

Others already in progress and documented elsewhere are 1. a block of flats near my local; 2. politically correct advertisements; 3. body parts. I'll move those in here at some points. I also what to start on shop fronts.

[12Jun19] The projects are now being moved from BAPhot to Walsingham.

A project is deemed not to exist (and therefore not to have a link above) until it has its first photograph. Some jottings on ideas for projects will be kept here. Some predate this site.

Covetous affection

[22Jan19] I'm not sure what to do with this, but it is a pleasant phrase I encountered today in Anthony Powell's Dance to the Music of Time.



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