E. J. Walsingham



[1Jun19] Everyone should have an alter ego. Grayson Perry's Claire is, perhaps, the finest current example. Ted / Green / Ted is more proxy than alter ego and so here's E. J. Walsingham.

When I was at school (in the 1960s) I developed a habit of inventing quotes for essays and citing Prof. E.J. Walsingham — it didn't really matter in those pre-internet days, no-one ever checked, but it would not work now. I cannot remember how I arrived at the name: I don't think that I would have heard of the Norfolk village it the time, so perhaps it was Sir Francis.

I bought the domain on impulse when LCN.com had a sale. I have no immediate intentions for the content, but it is likely to include photographs as that is how I spend most of my time these days. My Mondrian obsession has worn off.

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